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Art. 13 D. Legis N ° 196 of 06/30/2003
Articles 12 and 13 GDPR EU 2016/679

1. That data is required in order to proceed:
a) for the skills analysis of people who are candidates for employment with our client companies, whose name, however, will only be communicated to the candidate / s before sending his / her profile to the company itself . The sending of profiles will only take place after express further authorization;
b) for the verification of the presence or absence of specific skills or abilities in the candidates;
c) for releasing personal and attitudinal information to our client company.

2. That data is also required for:
a) establishing a data archive for further requests for candidates by our client companies; requests that will always take place according to point 1 a) above;
b) statistical purposes exclusively within our company.

3. That the legal basis for data processing is the explicit consent provided by the candidate.

4. That the data is processed both in manual form on paper and in an automated form on an IT support and by persons specifically appointed for this purpose.

5. That the data may be stored in the archive for an indefinite period, unless otherwise requested by the interested party.

6. That our intervention is limited to providing the requested data and the resulting analysis in an aptitude profile and that these will be used exclusively by our company, or client companies, for the selection of the most suitable candidates.

7. That the data does NOT have to be compulsorily given. However, in case of refusal to provide data, it will not be possible to determine the presence or absence of specific skills or abilities requested by the client company.

8. That the data may be viewed, deleted, transformed, updated, rectified, supplemented or suspended at any time at the request of the candidate, who will also have the right to complain to the competent Italian authority.

9. That the national owner responsible for the processing of personal data in Italy only, is Global Executive Search Srl, in the person of the Sole Director, Dr. Lorenzino Bombardini.

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