Executive Search

Executive Search is the direct search, identification and selection of managerial resources at the highest level, such as CEOs,  Managing Directors, General Managers, Functional Directors, etc ...

First of all, the majority of Global Executive Search Consultants are, by far and large, experienced former managers in top level positions, so they know what the demands of management are. They can understand Client strategy and are thus equipped to spot the fittest candidates for the implementation of such strategy. 

Secondly, each Client of Global Executive Search is always served uniquely by the Consultant who contacted him/her initially and who had convinced him/her to use our services. It will not happen that a Client is transferred to the hands of another consultant merely responsible for executing the assignment.Our Consultants provide the entire service, insofar as they are responsible both for sales and for project execution; this creates a deep relationship between Client and Consultant over time, where the latter comes to know about the business culture, the various organizational nuances and the needs of the Client down to the smallest details.

This process creates a deep trust between the Client company and the Consultant and this trust is enriched and enhanced continuously, to the advantage of the Client, who thus receives a service that combines accurate knowledge  of his/her needs, meticulous customization of the proposed solutions and absolute professional dedication.This relationship is essential because we are required at times to operate under the strictest confidentiality, for example when a manager to be replaced is completely unaware of the search for his/her replacement.In such a case, we can guarantee total secrecy until the moment when the Client is ready to officialize such a replacement.

For all the above reasons, many of our Clients have often called us a top quality "craftsmen" boutique.


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