Management Audit

Management Audit is a fundamental tool of Global Executive Search, available for the Ownership and C level  management, to better understand its key managers (Directors, Executives, Middle managers, Talents, etc.) and to decide to what extent they are suited to the company strategy.
The Audit can be made with respect to the entire Company, to a Division, to a Function, or to a Branch.
As a general rule, it is commissioned in the following circumstances:

  • Management adequacy: is the team of managers competent and have they the potential to implement company strategy?
  • New Ownership, new Chairman,  or new CEO: Management Audit is the fastest way to get to know the company managers.
  • Market change: Management Audit can serve as a kick off to implement a new strategy.

Normally we start from the Management Committee, or Executive Committee, and then eventually also touch the underlying organizational levels, depending on the Client's objectives 
Other by-products, which can emerge during a Management Audit, are possible suggestions to improve both the company organization and the company strategy.

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